Milanese Women’s Sense of Style

Whenever I visit a foreign city there is this thing I have to closely watch and dissect street fashion, women mostly. And of course I take pictures of them, which is not easy peasy, not to mention that most of the times I do this I drive my travelling companions up the wall. But the street style is the mirror of a society, socially, economically, aesthetically and I enjoy feeling the beat of the city. And it is quite fun too!

A financially potent and fashion hub metropolis like Milan offers a wide display of chic women with elegant wardrobes and cool attitudes. If you are lucky enough or hang around in the right places, you might feel like attending a fashion show en plain air. And the first thing you notice about a Milanese woman (aware of her looks and her full identity, that is over 40 or even 60, in most cases) is not so much the dressing as it is her bearing: confident, present and practical, slightly lofty, nicely doubled by her classic, chic, and posh outfits. And this obvious self-confidence is the same whether wearing some Valentino pumps or a pair of ordinary flats.

Women in Milan are busy – in a place like this, time is of the essence and life looks quite speedy – so they are very mobile and look relaxed and elegant on their bikes. The choice of their dress code colours is exquisite and that is valid from mass-market outfits to expensive brand looks. Silk scarves are a must and a Milanese sophisticated signature, in both women and men. Oversize glasses and huge jewellery with a little bit of a vintage touch, something old, something inherited, add to their sense of style.

They all seem somehow dignified heiresses in terms of graceful beauty and powerful appearance to a perfectly balanced combination of Greta Scacchi, Miuccia Prada, Caterina Sforza and Luisa Casati, women of strength, refinement and endurance.

But the most stylish women in Milan (or Italy, I daresay, for that matter) are by far the glamorous grannies who, I bet, would never leave their house without a piece of statement costume jewellery or a designer bag.

Authenticity, refined simplicity, boldness, eccentricity and confidence of manners define in a nutshell the Milanese woman who proudly represents this fashion capital of Italy.

p.s. Next in line will be the beautiful girls of Bucharest.

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