All stories start with a first word because ‘language is the house of being’ (M.H.) as someone smart used to say. Ours starts in ‘awe’ and with AWE.

Back in 1300 when this word was allegedly used for the first time, it meant ‘fear, terror, great reverence, respect, worship’.

Sometime later, around 1700, ‘awe’ is used to define a mixed feeling, an emotion created by the coexistence of wonder and dread. It is the time of ‘’forms that fly’’(EdO), of illusions and drama.

One 300-year leap into the future and to some, all black and/or white minimalist adepts and people looking back in anger, AWE may retain its very primary significance – of dread – and even – pain -, if we care to take the matter further upwards to its earlier Greek roots.

Nevertheless, to us, a few awesome people, I daresay, AWE is drama and life to the full, authenticity and show, colourfulness and vividness, good vibe and love for costume and style, modernism and tradition in a marriage to last forever, hopefully, simplicity of living and complexity of dreams, imagination and comfortability.

AWE is looking back with gratitude and love and joy and it is also looking forward with hope and trust. AWE is synonymous with continuity. Continuity with responsibility in mind and sustainability in action.

AWE may be both an exclamation of pure wonder and amazement: ‘AWE!’ and an interrogation in shock and terror: ‘AWE?’, a love and hate story, a you and me fashion tale, but once the story is understood and liked, AWE will be WOW.

AWE? It’s horrible! AWE! It’s splendid! AWE?! It’s awesome!

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