About This Project

230,00 lei

Timeless Collection

If you wonder how come my grandma’s handmade cotton bedding lace, over 60 years old, turned into my cool vintage sleeve lace cuffs – precious bangles – adorable jewels, well, it’s because everything once old is new again. Every story that was once told can be retold again to another audience and a different world and carried forward into the future elegantly and imaginatively.

Cuffs made of old cotton lace, carefully recovered and reconditioned, accessorised (if applicable) with golden or silvery fastenings and pearls depending on the lace shade. More lace cuff designs are available in our showroom. The cuffs are one-of-a-kind items, but we can produce very similar cuffs depending on the lace available.
One size only.

Delicate hand wash in warm water.

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