About This Project

295,00 lei

The Tribute Collection

By creating this collar, we chose to honour a great feminine personality, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, also dubbed as the ”Notorious R.B.G.” who, as lawyer and Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court was an outstanding advocate for gender equality and women’s rights as well as a lifetime fighter for freedom and justice. We conceived this fashionable clothing item as a tribute to her great stature as a pop culture icon considering both her embellishment of the stern and masculine judicial robe with a wide range of significant collars and her achievements which were largely influential and inspirational to people in many artistic fields.

One of a kind Peter Pan collar of handmade collage of silk taffeta, silk, Shantung, brocade, viscose and/or vintage marama.

The collar may be worn in 4 different ways: face up, face up backwards, reverse, reverse backwards.

In the case of unique and/or patchwork items, further orders will significantly resemble the website photo, but will not be identical. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the fabrics in the photo at the time of your order. Please ask for additional information before placing the order.

One size only.

Dry clean only.

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