Trompe l'oeil
About This Project

280,00 lei

Trompe l’oeil Collection

This bold association of utmost simplicity and casualness with elaborated garment construction attempts to bring together two worlds which are virtually poles apart, but which, nevertheless, can be brought closer to each other by artful play, imagination and willingness.

Here, the trompe l’oeil technique intends not necessarily to deceive the eye, but to create an illusion pleasant to the eye.

Organic cotton, Stanley Stella Expresser (fitted) model T-shirt, black or white, with one puff sleeve only of silk Shantung or white or black organza. When placing the order, please specify the colour of the T-shirt (black or white) and the colour of the puff sleeve. Please inquire first about the availability of your desired fabric colour.

Sizes available: XS, S, M, L, XL.

Dry clean only.

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