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Timeless Collection

„Is there a more delightful picture than that of a young Romanian peasant girl, in her red or orange skirt, with a yellow headscarf covering her black locks, her big bright eyes, in a dark outline, carrying her green jug on her head, walking over the fields, or a Romanian woman, adorned in the splendid folds of her white or yellow veil, sitting and working at the loom? ” asks Carmen Sylva (Queen Elizabeth of Romania) in the introduction to The Art of Tatting, written by Katharin L. Hoare.

The scarves made of antic Romanian natural fabric (marama) are ~1.30m – 1.80m long and ~12cm – 19cm wide, depending on the size of the relevant marama they are extracted from, and are mostly not woven to maintain a flowing effect, to preserve their original beauty and to minimise as much as possible modern intervention on the old fabric. The scarves are unique products and will not look identical to those in the photo. When placing the order, please inquire about and request a photo of the available fabrics.

Delicate hand wash in warm water.

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