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Una. Nessuna. Centomila. Collection

From sultans and tsars to famous socialites and nowadays runways, the kaftan has a generous legacy. For some, it spells holiday as a well-established resort wear, for others, it is the very embodiment of stylised ethnical outfit, the bold may see in it plain aristocratic, bohemian, excentric and exotic aesthetics. They are all so right. The AWE kaftan is a most versatile piece of clothing completely oblivious of the body and fully aware of the mood, chic ease and comfort of the wearer only.

One of a kind kaftan tunic dress made of viscose, synthetic fabric, brocade and silk, in a patchwork technique, back ribbon and cuffs in matching colours. The kaftan tunic dress is one size only, midi, featuring V-cut back and bow fastening.

The models are ~1.70 – 1.75 cm tall.

In the case of unique and/or patchwork items, further orders will significantly resemble the website photo, but will not be identical. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the fabrics in the photo at the time of your order. Please ask for additional information before placing the order.

Gentle 30 degrees machine wash, no wringing.

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