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Je me sens superflue, mais

 irremplaçable T-shirt
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Humankind is torn between this vanitas vanitatum we feel perpetually and the continuous desire to overcome this feeling of futility, by replacing it with something more lasting, capable to leave a mark.

The quote, slightly altered, is a phrase frequently attributed to countess Anna de Noailles, famous French poetess of Romanian and Greek descent who chose to ignore her Romanian background, however, friend of Proust & D’Annunzio, recipient of many literary accolades, a sophisticated and ‘pampered’ figure of the French literary circles of early XX-th century who best expressed this double Sisyphean feeling in her well-known phrase.

Stanley Stella organic cotton T-shirt, Expresser model (slightly fitted), white, printed ”Je me sens superflue, mais irremplaçable” available for sizes XS, S, M, L, XL.

Cool message T-shirt.

30 degrees machine wash inside out.

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