colourful patchwork silk
About This Project

1.495,00 lei

The Scheherazade Collection

Chromatic geometry, magic glow, silk taffeta feel, guaranteed gala look translate in any language as Innamorata. Because it is pure love and it is love at first sight. It is not minimalist, because it is dramatic, it is not inclusive, because it excludes all extras and adds-on, it is not shy and understated because it is bold and sassy and likes to show off.
And showing off is good when there is something to show up.

The Innamorata Coat is a one-of-a-kind premium product showcasing a careful selection of precious fabrics arranged in an exquisite collage of silk taffeta and Shantung. The pieces of silk Shantung and taffeta are attentively chosen to maximize the colour effect, sewn piece by piece, with matching viscose lining and ruffle hemmed to provide a collectible item, all this in a lengthy and intricate process of creation and workmanship. The coat features no closure.

In the case of unique and/or patchwork items, further orders will significantly resemble the website photo, but will not be identical. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the fabrics in the photo at the time of your order. Please ask for additional information before placing the order.

Sizes: 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46

The price above is for standard sizes. Made to measure coats entail additional cost.

The model is 1.75cm tall.

Dry clean only.

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