About This Project

Gilded Clams Earrings – 295,00 lei

One-of-a-kind earrings, seashells hand-painted with acrylic paints and adorned with liquid gold leaf and/or Rosenoble double gold leaf (23.75 carats), mother of pearl, chains, silver hooks.

Each pair of earrings is unique.

In the case of unique and/or patchwork items, further orders will significantly resemble the website photo, but will not be 100% identical.

Recommendation: Avoid contact with water, cream, perfume, foundation.

AWEsome Jewellery Collection

“La merLes a bercés (les a bercés)Le long des golfes clairsEt d’une chanson d’amourLa merA bercé mon cœur pour la vie.” (La mer – C.T.)

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