Una. Nessuna. Centomila.
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Una. Nessuna. Centomila. Collection

Comfortable clothing is any modern designer’s goal and it is only natural in a time of freedom not to be restricted by our second skins, but any simplicity and smart casualness in fashion are not entire unless they look back not in anger, but with nostalgia and choose to bring along to contemporary times a small detail of the past in celebration of the wealthy fashion history.

AWE Dovetail Top is destined to all those who love both contemporary loose-fitting fashion and formal dress coding of fashionable older times.

Neoprene flared cut blouse, soft trimmings around neck and sleeves, featuring a longer back and decorative decoupage, available in off-white, black and red.

Sizes available: S-M, M-L, L-XL.

Dry clean recommended.

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