About This Project

550,00 lei


These days when gender norms become sort of extinct, we’re finally living an era in which people can wear whatever they choose. For the competitively fashionable, it means that you can wear what you’re wearing better than anyone. So, who can wear a colourful patchwork collar and a pair of cuffs better a woman? Another woman, you’re right! Because women have proven more than once that they can rock whatever the guys rock, even doing a better job at it than their masculine peers.

Detachable collar and cuffs are handmade of carefully chosen pieces of taffeta, satin and/or silk Shantung in patchwork technique and are brought together to create an androgynous, chic and sophisticated aesthetic designed to accessorize strong, playful and bold personalities.

Each piece has unique design and colour palette.

In the case of unique and/or patchwork items, further orders will significantly resemble the website photo, but will not be identical. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the fabrics in the photo at the time of your order. Please ask for additional information before placing the order.

Dry clean only.

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