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AWEsome Age T-Shirt
210,00 lei

The Logomania Collection

Age IS just a number. And it is the number you choose to be. So, we can help you choose your age, have a chic and funny look and also put a smile on your face. And on the others’ too. And remember that no matter the age, you’ll always be AWEsome!

Black or white organic cotton T-shirt, loose fit. For a funky effect, the age can be printed in reverse: e.g., if the birthday girl turns 42, the text may read: ”24 and AWEsome” or a compound number: ”20 + 22 and AWEsome” or the f-word formula: ”40 f***ing 2 and AWEsome”. The text is printed in gold glitter. The T-shirt may be cut (no trimmings) or preserve its factory trimming details (please specify when order).

Sizes available: XS, S, M, L, XL

30 degrees delicate machine wash inside out.

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